Being in demand

Xu JiaQi of SNH48 Team SII for TUHU

As the popularity of SNH48 Group continues to expand, so does the number of companies who want to do business with them to help promote their products and/or services.

Early SNH endorsements and sponsorships were mostly from Japanese companies operating in China hoping to leverage the 48 brand they knew in Japan but not understanding that brand really did not mean anything in China… yet.

Over the years, SNH has managed to establish some solid relationships with entertainment and technology firms with companies like Tencent, one of the biggest in the world, going as far as becoming an investor in SNH.

SNH48 promo for Harman – maker of JBL sound systems

It really is the surge of late 2016 that marks a turn for SNH though. Since then, the number of sponsorships, engagements as produt ambassadors, and endorsements has grown exponentially.

This included everything from video games to the biggest fast food chains in China going by auto parts dealers and major domestic or international brands.

Find some of the best known SNH48 CMs below.

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