SNH48 members support charities

Members of SNH48 (including BEJ48 members now with SNH48) have been very active since August with a number of charitable organizations.

That is not unusual in itself as the groups have supported many charities in the past but there are quite a few recently, so we worth mention.

China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

Our first example dates back to early August with Duan YiXuan (DDD) then of BEJ48 recording a video to encourage people to donate to the foundation’s donation campaign that ran in August (below).

That was followed in early September by the announcement that Mo Han, Duan YiXuan, Fei QinYuan, and Su ShanShan had been named ambassadors of foundation’s campaign to help children in poor areas of China get more nutritious foods at school.

Zhejiang Women’s and Children’s Foundation

Also in early September, we saw SNH48 1st generation member Wu ZheHan join forces with a foundation in her home province of Zhejiang to help their fundraising drive also aimed at supporting children in difficulty.

China Charities Aid Foundation for Children

The final entry today is the September 9th announcement that five former members of BEJ48 (now with SNH48) had become image ambassadors for a charity project called “Chidren’s Gift.”

The members were all participants in survival shows earlier this year so have increased recognition: Duan YiXuan, Su ShanShan, Ma YuLing, Chen QianNan, and Huang EnRu.


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