SNH48 earns praises from judges on PC2020

SNH48 was making its team debut during episode 2 of the Tencent survival show “Produce Camp 2020” (“CHUANG 2020”) on May 9th, 2020.

They presented their team performance (at top of page) as well as a dance number by Li JiaEn (Overseas Trainee) and a song by Sun ZhenNi (Team HII) which can be watched below.

Not only did the team win their PK but it also earned some praise from the judges for the quality of their performance (below).

Congratulations to the team!

Don’t forget you can watch the shows with English subs by using the Tencent “WeTV” APP which can be found on the Google Play store. You can also use the same APP to vote up to 7 times per day for your favourite member!

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