SNH48 to debut its first musical on Dec 8th!

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SNH48 has announced that they will soon debut their very first Musical at their theater called “The Sunny Star”.

This musical will feature members from various teams (see list below) who will sing, dance, and act in what is expected to become a complement to the regular team stages.

The musical will have several characters with each character being played in rotation by a few members (understudies) to allow for regular stage performances and outside work.

The participating members are (shown here in no specific order):

Hao WanQing (Team HII)
Zhang DanSan (Team X)
Liu ZengYan (Team XII)
Zhang Yi (Team XII)
Jiang Yun (Team SII)
Zhang Xin (Team HII)
Yan JiaoJun (Team XII)
Yu JiaYi (Team XII)
Xu ChenChen (Team SII)
Wu YanWen (Team HII)
He XiaoYu (Team NII)
Xu ZiXuan (Team SII)
Sun XinWen (Team X)
Pan YanQi (Team SII)
Liu JuZi (Team NII)
Yuan DanNi (Team SII)
Lv Yi (Team SII).

Below are promo videos for the upcoming musical featuring cast members.

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