SNH48 and CKG48 together for Migu Music

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Select members of SNH48 Team NII and CKG48 participated in a joint “Mixing” event for Migu Music in ChongQing on April 20th.

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The performance, streamed Live nationally on the Migu network and CCTV Mobile, was a mix of songs and units from their current stages as well as a few fan favourites from the SNH48 Group repertoire.

Participating members from SNH48 Team NII were: Liu PeiXin, Zhang Yi, Zhang YuXin, He XiaoYu, Jin Yingyue, Lu Ting, Feng XinDuo, and Zhao Yue.

Participating members from CKG48 were: Tao WanRui, Li EnRui, Liu JiongRan, Li YuXuan, Wang LuJiao, and Ran Wei.

You can watch the full show at top of page.

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