Shanghai and Guangzhou welcome BEJ48

As we covered here, BEJ48 teams have had the challenging task of courting fans for the upcoming 7th General Elections without the benefit of being able to run public events at their Xingmeng Theater due to Covid-19. This led to Team B heading to Shanghai for some performances.

This is now being repeated for both Team E and Team J as both respectively head to Guangzhou and Shanghai to present their stages until the end of July with the assumption they will then head to Shanghai to prepare for the elections (at least those who make it in the Top 148 as per the rules this year).

Team B will present another stage in Shanghai on July 24th followed by Team J on the 26th while Team E takes the stage in Guangzhou on the 25th. No announcement yet on any possible future dates.

To help get things started, GNZ48 members officially welcomed Team E in Guangzhou on their “悠泰szd__” web show on July 15th (top of page).

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