SEN7ES wins “Most Popular Group”

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The 5-member version (Dai Meng, Chen Lin, Zhang YuGe, Kong XiaoYin, and Xu YangYuZhuo) of the SNH48 subunit SEN7ES was on stage in Shanghai July 19th for the 27th China Top 10 Music Awards where they performed a new song and accepted an award.

Chinese award shows are somewhat different from what Westerners or even South Koreans might be used to. Typically, if you are invited to perform, you won something even if it means they made up an award just for you. Artists do not show up at awards show where they didn’t win anything even in cases where there is a competition.

If you want to know who won at a Chinese awards show, just look at the lineup!

“Most Popular Group”

The group first appeared on the red carpet (see in tweets below) in the afternoon before moving on to accept the award for “Most Popular Group” during the actual ceremony held later on that evening.

Premiere of “U Know”

It was revealed last week that “U Know” would be the new SEN7ES single part of their 5th mini-album and it was no surprise that they would pick this award show to premiere it. After all, it is in this very same show that the group made its debut back in 2017 (below).

This new song does not deviate from style for SEN7ES. You can watch that performance here.

There is still debate amongst fans on if this will be the last comeback for the subunit but with 2 members gone and three more graduating soon, it is unlikely it will survive unless STAR48 has plans to continue it seperate from SNH48 and enough members decide to stick around.

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