“Say No” the Fall EP for GNZ48

GNZ48 recently announced that their Fall EP will be called “Say No”.

In anticipation of its release, fans were invited to guess who were the 16 members part of the selection for the single with members to be revealed one by one as a leadup to the EP.

All members of the selection are listed below.

Du QiuLinTeam Z
Feng JiaXiTeam NIII
Nong YanPingTeam Z
Luo HanYueTeam G
Wang SiYueTeam Z
Zeng AiJiaTeam G
Hong JingWenTeam NIII
Gao YuanJingTeam G
Zhang KaiQiTeam G
Chen NanXiTeam NIII
Zhang QiongYuTeam G
Zheng DanNiTeam NIII
Chen KeTeam G
Long YiRuiTeam J
Tang LiJiaTeam NIII
Lu JingTeam NIII
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