“Sandglass 沙漏” officially released

The new SEN7ES single “Sandglass 沙漏” was first performed during their comeback showcase in early August, 2020. It was, however, only officially released for digital downloads on Augutst 12th at midnight on platforms Migu Music, QQ Music, Kuwo Music, and KuGou Music.

The lyrics of this new single were co-written by Xu YangYuZhuo (Eliwa) and Dai Meng (Diamond) from the group.

Below is dance practice videos of the song. You can find the stage version PV at top of page.

On tour

The members will not get a lot of rest as they will be going on the road as soon as the 7th General Elections and hanshake events are over. They are scheduled for a two-stop tour in Chengdu and Xi’An on August 28th and August 30th respectively.

They will be joined on this tour by Li YuQi of SNH48 Team SII who originates from Xi’An and will serve as the host of the events.

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