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    Question 1 of 10.

    How many documentaries has SNH48 released?

    SNH48 has released a number of documentaries since 2015. How many?

    1. 8 documentaries
    2. 3 documentaries
    3. 4 documentaries
    4. 6 documentaries

    6 documentaries

    SNH48 has released a total of 6 documentaries since 2015:

    • DOCUMENTARY of SNH48 (2015)
    • DOCUMENTARY of SNH48 (2016)
    • DOCUMENTARY of SNH48 Group (2017)
    • DOCUMENTARY of SNH48 Team NII (2018)
    • DOCUMENTARY of SNH48 Team HII (2018)
    • DOCUMENTARY of SNH48 (2018)

    Question 2 of 10.

    What show put SNH48 on the map?

    SNH48 spent the first 3 years of its existence working to build an audience without a lot of national recognition. That all started to change in 2016 with their appearance on a television show. Which show was it?

    1. "National Girl" ("國民美少女") by Tencent/DragonTV
    2. "Heroes of Remix" ("盖世英雄") by JiangsuTV
    3. "MNet Countdown in China" by MNet/Tencent
    4. "Happy Camp" ("快乐大本营") by HunanTV

    "Heroes of Remix" ("盖世英雄") on JiangsuTV

    A select group of SNH48 members (many of whom eventually joined the subunit "SEN7ES") participated in a JiangsuTV variety show titled "Heroes of Remix" which saw 4 teams of two groups/soloists coached by a known star and competing on a weekly basis in June 2016. SNH48 was part of a team coached by South Korean singer/producer PSY and South Korean boy group "IKON".

    Performances by SNH48 on this show broke the image that many had of the group as they moved from Jpop to Kpop in style.

    Question 3 of 10.

    Which SNH48 EP was their first original?

    SNH48 has released over 20 EPs since it debuted. Which was the first EP with original songs?

    1. "After Rain" ("雨季之后")
    2. "Dream Land" ("梦想岛")
    3. "Engine of Youth" ("源动力")
    4. "Sweet Festival" ("甜蜜盛典")

    "Engine of Youth"

    "Engine of Youth" ("源动力") – 11th EP released on March 25th, 2016

    Question 4 of 10.

    When was SNH48 first announced?

    What was the date when the creation of SNH48 was first announced?

    1. October 2013
    2. January 2013
    3. May 2011
    4. April 2012

    April 2012

    On April 21, 2012, AKS Co., Ltd., in partnership with modeling agency Ninestyles, jointly announced the establishment of its first Chinese sister group: SNH48 (ShaNgHai48)

    Question 5 of 10.

    What was the very first concert performed by SNH48?

    SNH48 and its sister groups regularly tour China with numerous concert events. Where did they go for their very first one?

    1. Nanjing
    2. Beijing
    3. Guangzhou
    4. Shanghai


    The very first SNH48 concert event took place in the Southern city of Guangzhou on November 16th, 2013 at the Guangzhou International Sports Arena.

    Question 6 of 10.

    When did SNH48 debut?

    What was the date of the official SNH48 debut performance?

    1. August 24th, 2012
    2. July 27th, 2012
    3. January 12th, 2013
    4. September 5th, 2013

    January 12th, 2013

    SNH48 debuted on January 12th, 2013 in the show "Give Me Power!" performing the Chinese version of popular AKB48 songs.

    Question 7 of 10.

    Which of these songs was the first original by SNH48?

    SNH48 has released many EPs and singles but only one ranks as their very first original song. Which one was it?

    1. "Engine of Youth" ("源动力")
    2. "Endless Story" ("魔女的诗篇")
    3. "Halloween Night" ("万圣节之夜")
    4. "Our Destiny in this World" ("缘尽世间")

    "Our Destiny in this world" ("缘尽世间")

    "Our Destiny in this world" was the first digital single and first ever original song released by SNH48 on January 19th, 2015 as part of their 3rd anniversary celebrations. It was performed by members Xu JiaQi (Team SII), Zhao JiaMin (Team SII), and Ju JingYi (Team NII).

    Question 8 of 10.

    How many 1st generation members debuted with SNH48?

    When SNH48 held its official debut, what was the number of existing first generation members?

    1. 26 members
    2. 16 members
    3. 24 members
    4. 48 members

    24 members

    Announced in October 2012, the 1st generation of SNH48 had 26 members. Two of those members would resign prior to the official debut of the group. Two transfer members from AKB48 in Japan did not participate in the debut.

    Question 9 of 10.

    Who was the first person to win an SNH48 election?

    SNH48 has held a total of 5 General Elections in its history but do you know who won the very first one?

    1. Qiu XinYi of SNH48 Team SII
    2. Zhao JiaMin of SNH48 Team SII
    3. Wu ZheHan of SNH48 Team SII
    4. Ju JingYi of SNH48 Team NII

    Wu ZheHan of SNH48 Team SII

    Wu ZheHan of SNH48 Team SII (1st generation member) was the winner of the very first SNH48 General Election held on July 25th, 2015 with a total of 19,281 votes. Just a few years later, Li YiTong of Team NII would win the 5th General Election with over 400K votes.

    Question 10 of 10.

    Which one is a subunit?

    SNH48 has created several subunits over the years but not all of them have survived. Which of the subunits on this list no longer exists?

    1. "ElectroEyes Girls"
    2. "Color Girls"
    3. "SEN7ES"
    4. "DeMOON"

    "ElectroEyes Girls"

    SNH48 announced on April 20th, 2016 that they would be creating 3 new subunits: "Color Girls", "7Senses" ("SEN7ES"), and "ElectroEyes Girls". "ElectroEyes Girls" was composed of members who were known gamers and cosplayers: Mo Han, Chen GuanHui, Qian BeiTing, Sun Rui, Wang Shu, Wang XiaoJia, Chen Yin, and Zhang JiaYu.

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