Qiao YuZhen gets red card

CKG48 issued a statement on October 6th, 2021 indicating that 1st generation member Qiao YuZhen was suspended (but not fired) immediately with her access to the “Pocket48” APP removed and a ban on performances.

This is what is known by fans as a “red card” and can lead to up to 6 months of suspension from all activities. The official reason given in the notice is that Qiao YuZhen acted online in a way that reflected negatively on the image of the company.

The story goes that Qiao YuZhen had a confrontation with one of the CKG48 staff members and then she went and vented about it in a livestream on the “Pocket48” APP which then resulted in the sanction.

This is, in part, the result of all the new regulations around idols and platforms (like “Pocket48”) that support them.

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