May 2nd saw the 4 hour long premiere of the new season of the Tencent survival show “创造营2020” (“Produce Camp 2020” or “CHUANG2020”) which includes this year for the first time 7 members of SNH48 Group representing the agency STAR48.

The members (below from left to right): Chen Ke (GNZ48 Team G), Ma YuLing (BEJ48 Team E), Chen QianNan (BEJ48 Team E), Huang EnRu (BEJ48 Team J), Sun ZhenNi (SNH48 Team HII), Zhao Yue (SNH48 Team NII), and Li JiaEn (SNH48 Overseas Team).

How to vote

It is possible for international fans to cast their votes for their favourite idols on this show using the Tencent “WeTV” APP available in the Google Play store.

We posted a simple 4 steps voting process on our Twitter channel (below). Fans can vote up to 7 times per day or 14 times if you are a Tencent VIP member.

How to watch the show

Although Tencent blocks every video put on Youtube, you can find videos of the show (few and with a delay of a few days) on their official Youtube channel here.

You can also use the “WeTV” APP described above to view content or go through the main Tencent web page for the show here. (full episodes)

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