Fans all know that 2020 is a very important year for SNH48: the graduation of its 1st generation.

After 8 years of hard work which began on October 14th, 2012 in Shanghai, the 12 remaining members of the 1st generation will be able to look back and see what their efforts have created.

The members

24 members were selected to be part of the 1st generation of SNH48. Half of that number still remains today. You can see them performing during a tribute at the 6th General Elections in July 2019.

They are: Chen GuanHui, Chen Si, Dai Meng, Kong XiaoYin, Li YuQi, Mo Han, Qian BeiTing, Qiu XinYi, Xu ChenChen, Xu JiaQi, Wu ZheHan, and Zhang YuGe.

100 day countdown

Starting on Monday July 6th, SNH48 will begin a countdown of 100 days leading to October 14th, 2020 and the graduation.

This period will host a variety of special activities the graduating members including graduation stages, new singles, and a final graduation concert.

Further details will be revealed at the end of June.

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