New Team E and J members introduced

Taking the lead from Team B, the remaining teams of BEJ48 officially welcomed the members who have transferred following the SNH48 Group Reorganization during their respective stages on February 23rd.

Team E

The 7 new members of Team E that were introduced on the 23rd were Cheng YuLu (5th generation), Gao WeiRan (4th generation), Peng JiaMin (4th generation), Ren ManLin (5th generation), Xiong Xin (4th generation), Zhang AiJing (SHY48 1st generation), and Zang Cong (SHY48 2nd generation).

Watch their intros at top of page.

Team J

The 4 new members of Team J are Bai XinYu (CKG48 1st generation), Han JiaLe (SHY48 1st generation), Tang Lin (SHY48 3rd generation), and Zhou Xiang (4th generation).

Bai XinYu had already been assigned to Team J prior to the shuffle.

Below is their introduction in the theater.

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