Chinese authorities issued new directives targeted to actors and agencies on September 18th, 2021. The directives specifically instruct agencies not to work with actors who are “problematic” or show bad behaviours as well as prohibits the targeting of children with promises of fame.

One aspect of the directives double down on rules previously release in February 2021 for singers regarding lipsyncing. In February a new rule came into effect banning lipsyncing by singers. Exceptions were made for groups that also are dancers as well as for TV shows since recorded tracks are typically used to ensure optimum audio quality. Those exceptions, however, only applied as long as the audio was recorded by the singer themselves.

Now, this rule is being extended to actors and other artists. It is common in China for artists of all kinds to appear in galas or other shows or even in the soundtracks of movies/dramas the appear in. However, many have been caught singing on recordings of other people’s voices over the last few years.

This all rests on “avoiding deceiving audiences”.

Will this affect SNH48?

The February 2021 rules already had a direct impact on SNH48 Group stages. Fans who watch the shows regularly will have noticed that there is more Live singing and that songs are often sung Live over the recording. A limited number of pure lipsynced songs were tolerated in each show.

Since the September rules target actors, it is uncertain if it will have further impact on idol singing groups. It may have none or lead to the elimination of lipsinc entirely.

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