As work continues on the Studio48 production of “Legend of Yun Xi”, new promotional material is slowly surfacing featuring actors in key roles including our very own SNH48 and GNZ48 members: Ju JingYi (NII), Lin SiYi (NII), Liu JiongRan (HII), Xu JiaQi (SII), Shao XueCong (X), and Xie LeiLei (GNZ48 Team G).

You can find the weibo for the new drama here.

Ju JingYi (SNH48 Team NII)MERXATLin SiYi (SNH48 Team NII)Xu JiaQi (SNH48 Team SII)Liu JiongRan (SNH48 Team HII)Zhang ZheHanWang YouShuoShao XueCong (SNH48 Team X)Xie LeiLei (GNZ48 Team G)