New image ambassadors

SNH48 members and alumni are certainly no stranger to their faces appearing on posters and ads for any number of products or services. Many companies have long-time relationships with the group. Two such companies are “PONY中国” and tea brand “言康师傅乌龙茶”.

The companies recently released new ad campaigns featuring STAR48 artists.


This very long relationship continues as shoe brand PONY releases a new set of promos featuring Zhang YuGe (Tako) of SEN7ES and SNH48 members Sun Rui and Yuan YiQi who were the top 2 of the last election.


Several SNH48 members have done promos for this tea company of the last couple of years but the current campaign started in September 2021 is for their peach flavoured products with Fei QinYuan and Yuan YiQi.

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