New “Blind Box” MV

Members of SNH48 participated in the filming of a new MV titled “青春是盲盒呀” (“Blind Box”) for the movie musical “The Day we Lit Up the Sky” which had Sun Rui of SNH48 Team SII as a co-star and included participation by several other members.

This MV was filmed after the movie itself and, as a result, does not include all the members that took part in the filming. Several have been replaced by SNH48 members who were not in the movie itself.

The MV includes some shots with members as well as snippets from the movie. You can watch the MV at top of the page.

Participating members: Sun Rui, Yuan YiQi, Xu YangYuZhuo, You Miao, Qi Jing, Chen Lin, Sun YuShan, Yan MingJun, Xie TianYi, Wen JingJie, Zhao JiaRui, Yan Qin, Yang YuXin, Zhang RuiJie, Pan LuYao, and Yu JiaWei.

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