National Holiday stages

It was National Holiday in China on October 1st.

As the Communist Party held huge 70th anniversary celebrations in Beijing that the general public simply could only see on their televisions, fans of SNH48 Group were given the opportunity to spend the time with their idols.

Both SNH48 Team NII and GNZ48 Team G were active on the day with some special stages.

GNZ48 Team G

GNZ48 had a double treat in store for the fans as they presented a Team G “Victoria.G” stage which also included a special 2nd anniversary performance of the members who were part of the “偶像研究计划” trainee stage which premiered exactly 2 years ago on October 1st, 2017.

Below was the 2nd anniversary performance by members who once took part in the trainee stage.

You can watch the full stage in the video below.

SNH48 Team NII

Team NII took on the National Day challenge with a danso version of their active stage. You can watch it in full from the official SNH48 Youtube channel at top of page.

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