Momo on two shows

A lot was happening on December 5th for Mo Han (Momo) of AW9 (SNH48 Honoured Graduate) as she appeared on two different music shows to promote her new solo single “Walking in the Rain.”

QQ Music “Mr Radio”

Her first show (previously recorded) was the “MR Radio” music show on QQ Music (owned by Tencent) where she performed her solo but also interacted with participating fans in a few games as is usually the case on this variety show. Below is her performance of “Walking in the Rain.”

CCTV-15 Chinese Global Top 10 Music Chart

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Momo’s most significant outing for the day was no doubt an appearance on the worldwide broadcast of the CCTV-15 music show “Chinese Global Top 10 Music Chart” where she competed with her solo once again (top of the page), but also offered another solo song titled “勇气” (below). This is a song from 2000 originally performed by Liang JingRu but best known as the theme song of two popular dramas.

The show also offered an introduction of Mo Han as a solo performer with an interview talking about how she wrote the lyrics of her new solo.

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