SNH48 announced on June 30th the list of its MVPs for the 2019 seasonIn SNH48 Group, a "year" runs between two elections and a "season" runs between the anniversaries of the first ever performances in theaters.. SNH48 made the announcement earlier due to the 7th General Elections taking place in August and the expected high level of activity related to the 1st generation graduation events in the Fall.

The MVP awards are voted by fans at the end of every SNH48 stage performance at the theater. Fans cast votes for who they think contributed the most that day. Results are then tabulated at the end of the season.

Rewards for the winners include cash prizes, special promos at the theater, posters, and stage performances amongst others.

Your 2019 MVPs

The winners for this year are (show from left to right below): Mo Han (Momo) of Team SII (1st generation), Zhang Yi of Team NII (5th generation), Xu YangYuZhuo (Eliwa) of Team HII (3rd generation), and Yang BingYi of Team X (4th generation).

Mo Han wins for the 4th year

In a record that is unlikely to be broken anytime soon, Mo Han (Momo) of Team SII has managed to reach the top of the voting for a 4th consecutive year. In fact, she has never left that spot since the MVP concept was first introduced in 2015.

As she gets ready to graduate from the group like all first generation members in October 2020, this is a fitting reward for one who has come to represent the “classic idol” within the group.



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