The revived CKG48 revealed the setlist for their new stage on March 5th.

The stage will be divided in three “chapters” to match their visual teasers from last week. Each chapter will come with its own selection of songs from the SNH48 Group catalog with several having never been performed by CKG48 in the past.

Chapter 1

This chapter is about CKG48 from its creation to the group reorganization in January 2019 that saw teams C and K disbanded. Songs are meant to reflect that period.

Here is the setlist for Chapter 1 (title followed by which team first performed it):

M01 “Miss Camellia”(GNZ48 original)
M02 “遊園地少女日記”(CKG48 original)
M03 “夢想的旗幟”(Team X original)
M04 “想い出”(Team E original)

M05 “恋愛禁止条例”(Team SII)
M06 “I’m Not Your Girl”(Team G original)
M07 “深海之声”(Team X original)
M08 “初恋蝴蝶”(Team NII)
M09 “剧场女神“(Team XII)

M10 “廃墟紀元”(Team SII original)
M11 “水手梦”(Team SII)
M12 “RESET”(Team SII)
M13 “手牵手“(Team HII)

EN01 “鋼鉄之翼”(Team X original)
EN02 “CKG4参上!”(Team SII)
EN03 “歌迷信“(Team NII)

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