If you didn’t watch the SNH48 streams over the weekend of April 12th, 2020, you missed out on not one but two great mini-Live shows!

The Captains

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We get things started on April 11th with the mini-Live featuring two captains of SNH48: Wan Lina (Nana), Captain of Team HII (2nd generation member) and Yang BingYi, Co-Captain of Team X (4th generation member).

Both of these members not only act as leaders of their teams but also have experience in subunits (BlueV for Wan Lina and DeMOON/Color Girls for Yang BingYi).

The sister groups

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The next day (April 12th) saw two sister group members appear in their own show on the stage of the Xingmeng Theater in Shanghai: Liu LiFei, Captain of GNZ48 Team G and Qing YuWen of BEJ48 Team B (both 6th generation members of SNH48).

Both are talented performers who braught a breath of fresh air to the SNH48 stage for the occasion.

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