Members of AW9 to be revealed

STAR48 will reveal the members of its new e-commerce girl group “After Waves 9” (“AW9”) on September 21st, 2020. The official weibo of the group started releasing visual and video teasers (top of page) ahead of the reveal.

Below are the silhouettes of the members used as teasers.

Below are the teasers for the 2nd and 3rd sets of 3 members.

Announced during the SNH48 Group 7th General Elections in August (see video below), this group will work specifically in the e-commerce sphere doing product placement, promo events online, act as image ambassadors, and so on. One of their main tasks will be to promote the soon to be released STAR48 cosmetics product line.

The group will be managed in collaboration with Studio48 and Mina Magazine China (two STAR48 subsidiaries).

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