As we reported here, the two new SNH48 subunits BlueV and HO2 will officially make their debut in Shanghai on September 9th.

That isn’t the only news related to those two groups though!

1st EP for BlueV

BlueV with SNH48 members Li YuQi (Team SII/FT), Mo Han (Team SII), Sun Rui (Team SII), Wan Lina (Team HII), and Lv Yi (Team SII) will release their very first EP titled “MAMI” on August 30th!

The EP will include 4 tracks: “Be My Love”, “MAMI”, “MY KEY”, and “非你不可” (“It has to be You”).

The group invites you (below) not to miss the premiere of their EP.

1st single for HO2

The duo HO2 composed of SNH48 Team NII members Feng XinDuo and Lu Ting will for their part be releasing a single titled “如果这就是爱情” (“If this is Love”) on September 7th.

Here is a sample of that song.

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