Liang Jiao on her way home

After several weeks of hard work, Liang Jiao of GNZ48 Team G, who was the sole remaining member of SNH48 Group in the Mnet survival show “Girls Planet 999” in South Korea, will be heading home.

Liang Jiao was officially eliminated during the second round presented on September 24th, 2021. Although a member of SNH48 Group making it anywhere the finalists was always seen as a very long shot, she did outlast all of the others.

Accusations of “evil editing”

It wouldn’t be a survival show in South Korea if there weren’t already accusations of manipulation through what is commonly refered to as “evil editing”. That is the practice of shows intentionally featuring certain members and trying to make others look bad in order to drive certain results in fan voting.

Many fans in China have pointed out that Liang Jiao was one of the many victims of this practice over the last few weeks as certain events were modified through editing to make her look bad.

The producers defend themselves by saying they are a “variety show” (meaning it is scripted with a predetermined outcome) although they present themselves to the public as a “competition”.

Regardless, we congratulate Liang Jiao for a job well done and look forward to her return to Team G once her quarantine period in Guangzhou is over!

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