Li YiTong wins with dramatic 402,040.40 votes!

Li YiTong making her acceptance speech (Click to enlarge)

On July 28th, SNH48 Group entered a new phase in their development as they successfully held their 5th General Elections.

SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48, and (for the first time) CKG48 members were present to find out who won what has proved to be a vote high in drama with the sudden rise of sister groups.

Li YiTong of SNH48 Team HII did not dissapoint her fans by taking over the crown with 402,040.40 votes! This is the highest number of votes ever achieved in any 48 group.

Watch the show in two parts (part 1 at top of page and part 2 below).


Like at any major event, STAR48 used the high visibility of the elections to make several announcements. Some of these had already been revealed but there were a couple of surprises.

2018 Fashion Show and 2019 Best50 Request Time

The first surprise of the evening was the announcement that the 2018 Fashion Show would be held in Beijing while the 2019 Best50 Request Time concert would be held in Guangzhou. This is the first time those events will take place outside of Shanghai.

New Korean training center

The second news of the day was that STAR48 would be collaborating with MV production company Zanybros in South Korea (also runs the ZBLabel) to open the first SNH48 international training center which will offer Korean style idol training.

2 new SNH48 variety shows

As had been previously announced on June 9th, SNH48 Group will have two new variety shows in the coming months: “Idol”s War” which will have the top 4 members of the elections select teams that will compete against one another in an elimination style talent show. The second show will be “The Battle of Idol Groups” which will see all 15 teams of SNH48 Group compete as teams against the others.

Super Girls Group show

The last surprise fo the night was the announcement that SNH48 Group was developping a new show (tentatively titled “Super Girls Group”) which will be very similar to the “Produce 48” show currently airing in South Korea. The show will see 48 members of SNH48 Group + 10 members of the Top 16 at the elections compete with 48 new talent. The competition will lead to the formation of a new 9 member idol group.

SNH48 Group rankings

Here are the results of the SNH48 Group 5th General Elections:

5th General Elections results

The consequence was a drop in the votes of individual members in some of the ranking even though the total number of votes still blew the record from last year.

If you watch the listings above and below closely, you will notice how many new faces from the sister groups have suddenly appeared in the ranking. This has caused several veteran members to drop in numbers or be taken off the board altogether.

You can also notice a concentration of votes at the top with the winner building a gap of 200K votes!

Here is the complete list (from 1 to 66):

01. Li YiTong (SNH48 Team HII)
02. Huang TingTing (SNH48 Team NII)
03. Feng XinDuo (SNH48 Team NII)
04. Lu Ting (SNH48 Team NII)
05. Mo Han (SNH48 Team SII)
06. Zhao Yue (SNH48 Team NII)
07. Xu JiaQi (SNH48 Team SII)
08. Dai Meng (SNH48 Team SII)
09. Qian BeiTing (SNH48 Team SII)
10. Lin SiYi (SNH48 Team HII)
11. Xie LeiLei (GNZ48 Team G)
12. Wu ZheHan (SNH48 Team SII)
13. Kong XiaoYin (SNH48 Team SII)
14. Su ShanShan (BEJ48 Team E)
15. Duan YiXuan (BEJ48 Team B)
16. Zhang YuGe (SNH48 Team SII)
17. Sun Rui (SNH48 Team SII)
18. Zheng DanNi (GNZ48 Team NIII)
19. Song XinRan (SNH48 Team X)
20. Zhang DanSan (SNH48 Team X)
21. Liu LiFei (GNZ48 Team NIII)
22. Xu ZiXuan (SNH48 Team SII)
23. Yang BingYi (SNH48 Team X)
24. Han JiaLe (SHY48 Team SIII)
25. Yi JiaAi (SNH48 Team NII)
26. Wan Lina (SNH48 Team HII)
27. Zhang YuXin (SNH48 Team NII)
28. Jiang Shan (SNH48 Team HII)
29. Feng SiJia (BEJ48 Team E)
30. Liu ZengYan (SNH48 Team SII)
31. Zhang Yi (SNH48 Team NII)
32. Fei QinYuan (SNH48 Team HII)
33. Zhang HuaiJin (BEJ48 Team J)
34. Chen Ke (GNZ48 Team G)
35. Ma YuLing (BEJ48 Team E)
36. Tang LiJia (GNZ48 Team NIII)
37. Chen QianNan (BEJ48 Team E)
38. Huang EnRu (BEJ48 Team J)
39. Hu XiaoHui (BEJ48 Team B)
40. Li YuQi (SNH48 Team SII)
41. Li Zhao (SNH48 Team X)
42. Zuo JingYuan (GNZ48 Team NIII)
43. Chen MeiJun (BEJ48 Team B)
44. Hong PeiYun (SNH48 Team HII)
45. Xu ShiQi (SNH48 Team X)
46. Zhao JiaRui (SHY48 Team SIII)
47. Qing YuWen (BEJ48 Team B)
48. Wang ShiMeng (SHY48 Team SIII)
49. Shen MengYao (SNH48 Team HII)
50. Xiao WenLing (GNZ48 Team NIII)
51. Lu Jing (GNZ48 Tam NIII)
52. Xu YangYuZhuo (SNH48 Team HII)
53. Wang YuXuan (BEJ48 Team J)
54. Xie Ni (SNH48 Team NII)
55. Liu QianQian (GNZ48 Team NIII)
56. Sun ZhenNi (SNH48 Team HII)
57. Li Zi (BEJ48 Team E)
58. Gao YuanJing (GNZ48 Team G)
59. Liu ShuXian (BEJ48 Team B)
60. Ge SiQi (BEJ48 Team J)
61. Zhang QiongYu (GNZ48 Team G)
62. Jiang Yun (SNH48 Team SII)
63. Yuan YuZhen (SNH48 Team SII)
64. Qi Jing (SNH48 Team X)
65. Yan MingJun (BEJ48 Team B)
66. Hu LiZhi (BEJ48 Team B)

Here is the breakdown of the Top 16 overall:

Sister groups

As per last year, each of the four SNH48 sister groups (BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48, CKG48) also had their own respective Top 16 ranking based on election results.

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