Your last chance to see existing teams before the shuffle

As all fans know, February 3rd will be the SNH48 Group 2018 Best50 Request Time concert. However, another big event is scheduled for that day: the first SNH48 Team Shuffle (as we reported here.)

Teams SII, NII, HII, and X will be reformed with new members and Team XII will be disbanded with members sent to the other four teams. A new “Trainee” team (similar to what was done with GNZ48) will be formed in its place for all future new gen members.

Under the new system, all new recruits will be assigned to perform stages with the “Trainee” team before eventually being promoted to one of the 4 permanent teams.

Last chance to see the current teams

If you are a fan of a specific team and would like to see it in its current incarnation for the last time, you will have an opportunity over the course of the last week of January.

Here is the official SNH48 Xingmeng Theater schedule for that week:

January 19, 2018"The Sunny Star" musical
January 20, 2018Team XII - "Code XII 2.0"Team HII - "Beautiful World"
January 21, 2018Team NII - Lu Ting Birthday Special StageTeam SII - "District 48"
January 24, 2018"The Sunny Star" musical
January 25, 2018Team XII - "Code XII 2.0"
January 26, 2018Team SII - "District 48"
January 27, 2018Team XII - "Code XII 2.0"
January 28, 2018Team HII - "Beautiful World"Team X - "Fate X"

Teams (as of December 2017)

Team SII (Click to enlarge)
Team NII (Click to enlarge)
Team HII (Click to enlarge)
Team X (Click to enlarge)
Team XII (Click to enlarge)

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