Ju JingYi wins election with 277,781.3 votes!

On July 29th, members of SNH48 Group once again wrote a chapter of their history with their 4th General Elections.

Members from SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, and SHY48 were all in attendance to find out who would be voted in the Top 66 as well as the Top 16 for each sister group.

You can find the full video of the concert and ceremony in header of this article.

Here are the results of the SNH48 Group 4th General Elections:

4th General Elections results

With a 2nd win, Ju JingYi of SNH48 Team NII became the first member to win 2 elections in a row with a total vote count of 277781.3

Here is the complete list (from 66 to 1):

66. Liu QianQian (GNZ48 Team NIII)
65. Shen MengYao (SNH48 Team HII)
64. Yuan YuZhen (SNH48 SII)
63. Liu ZengYan (SNH48 XII)
62. Zhang QiongYu (GNZ48 Team G)
61. Chen GuanHui (SNH48 Team SII)
60. Xie Ni (SNH48 Team HII)
59. He XiaoYu (SNH48 Team NII)
58. Chen Ke (GNZ48 Team G)
57. Liu YuanYuan (BEJ48 Team E)
56. Yuan YiQi (SNH48 Team HII)
55. Jiang ShenYi (SNH48 Team NII)
54. Chen Lin (SNH48 Team X)
53. Zhang DanSan (SNH48 Team X)
52. Yang YunYu (SNH48 Team X)
51. Hao WangQing (SNH48 Team HII)
50. Tang LiJia (SNH48 Team NII)
49. Hong PeiYun (SNH48 Team XII)
48. Yang HuiTing (SNH48 Team HII)
47. Feng XiaoFei (SNH48 Team X)
46. Li Zi (BEJ48 Team E)
45. Zheng DanNi (SNH48 Team NIII)
44. Jiang Yun (SNH48 Team SII)
43. Wang XiaoJia (SNH48 Team X)
42. Xu ZiXuan (SNH48 Team SII)
41. Wang Shu (SNH48 Team X)
40. Fei QinYuan (SNH48 Team XII)
39. Yi JiaAi (SNH48 Team NII)
38. Li Zhao (SNH48 Team X)
37. Han JiaLe (SNH48 Team SIII)
36. Lv Yi (SNH48 Team SII)
35. Li ShuXian (BEJ48 Team B)
34. Hu XiaoHui (BEJ48 Team B)
33. Yuang Hang (SNH48 Team HII)
32. Xie LeiLei (GNZ48 Team G)
31. Zhang Yi (SNH48 Team XII)
30. Yan JiaoJun (SNH48 Team XII)
29. Song XinRan (SNH48 Team X)
28. Yu JiaYi (SNH48 Team XII)
27. Xu YangYuZhuo (SNH48 Team HII)
26. Qian BeiTing (SNH48 Team SII)
25. Yang BingYi (SNH48 Team X)
24. Liu JiongRan (SNH48 Team HII)
23. Liu LiFei (GNZ48 Team NIII)
22. Sun ZhenNi (SNH48 Team HII)
21. Su ShanShan (BEJ48 Team E)
20. Zhang YuXin (SNH48 Team NII)
19. Jiang Shan (SNH48 Team XII)
18. Sun Rui (SNH48 Team SII)
17. Wan Lina (SNH48 Team NII)
16. Li YuQI (SNH48 Team SII)
15. Wu ZheHan (SNH48 Team SII)
14. Lin SiYi (SNH48 Team NII)
13. Duan YiXuan (BEJ48 Team B)
12. Kong XiaoYin (SNH48 Team SII)
11. Dai Meng (SNH48 Team SII)
10. Xu JiaQi (SNH48 Team SII)
09. Zhang YuGe (SNH48 Team SII)
08. Mo Han (SNH48 Team SII)
07. Zhao Yue (SNH48 Team NII)
06. Zeng YanFen (SNH48 Team NII)
05. Lu Ting (SNH48 Team NII)
04. Feng XinDuo (SNH48 Team NII)
03. Huang TingTing (SNH48 Team NII)
02. Li YiTong (SNH48 Team NII)
01. Ju JingYi (SNH48 Team NII)

Here is the breakdown of the Top 16 overall:

This year each sister group (BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48) also had their own respective Top 16 ranking (it was Top 7 last year).

BEJ48 Top 16
GNZ48 Top 16
SHY48 Top 16
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