Huya Star Night

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Five members of SNH48 Team NII were representing the group on January 23rd at the “Huya Star Night”. Huya is an online platform similar to Twitch that has a heavy (but not only) focus on gaming streams and esports which is popular with the target audience of idol groups in China.

Participating members: Lu Ting, Qing YuWen, Hu XiaoHui, Bai XinYu, and Zhang HuaiJin.

A lot of spin over nothing

One of the things that attracted attention regarding this show was the fact that the other female idol group featured was AKB48 Team SH. This is not the first time these two groups find themselves on the same show (think “Youth With You 2” and “CHUANG 2020”), but it is the first show of this type.

Cnetz were quick to jump on the “but the fans hate each other” bandwagon while others made false equivalencies between the two groups. They are nowhere near the same level in the industry.

In the end, it was just two groups who happened to be on the same show and that was the end of that.

The members presented short versions of two songs for this show: “兄弟想你了” and “甜蜜盛典” (“Sweet Festival”). You can watch that performance at top of the page. You can also watch the members arriving on the red carpet with interview in the video below.

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