Happy Wonder World

As we first covered here, STAR48 has re-released a new version of the 2016 song “Happy Wonder World” with members of the SNH48 Family Group. This is one of the most popular holiday songs in the SNH48 repertoire.

The song was released on all major music streaming platforms in China and, for once, without any geoblocking. You can, for example, listen to the song on Netease Music. You will also find it on our own music service dedicated to SNH48 and, of course, below.

The MV for the song recorded with members in various locations was released on December 25th as a Christmas gift to fans. You can watch that at top of the page.

Participating in this re-release were Hall of Famers Ju JingYi and Li YiTong, Honoured Graduates Mo Han, Dai Meng, Qian BeiTing, Zhang YuGe and Kong XiaoYin as well as members of SNH48 Group (SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, CKG48).

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