Happy 4th for sister groups

Did you realize that the SNH48 sister groups (BEJ48 and GNZ48) are already 4 years old? That’s right, 4 years of stages, concerts, and performances of all kinds!

This web site has pages of articles to prove it too! Click here for our BEJ48 page and here for the GNZ48 one.

Formed officially on April 20th 2016, both of the sister groups have gone through their ups and downs over the years with many faces from the original members long gone from the group. Below is the event where the two teams were announced.

The original few

Can you recognize all the original members of Team B and Team G? Here are the pictures of the first teams as (on the left) as well as a display of the members that are still part of those teams as of April 1st, 2020.

BEJ48 Team B
GNZ48 Team G
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