Celebrate Halloween with SNH48 Group

October 29th was the day where many of the groups in China decided to hold their special Halloween stages.

First up, we have SNH48 where Team XII held a joint stage with BEJ48 Team B (below.) For their part Teams HII performed their “Beautiful World” stage but adding a few fan favourites along the way (below.)

Team XII and Team B stage:

Team HII stage:

Next, we have SHY48 Team SIII and BEJ48 Team J working together for a joint stage in Shenyang.

Here is the Team SIII and Team J special stage:

Last, but not least, GNZ48 held a special joint stage with members from various teams.


Not everyone had their stages on the weekend though. SNH48 held another special joint Halloween stage on the day itself (October 31st). You can see the full show at top of page.

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