Good results in 4th round of “Supernova Games”

Tencent is once again presenting its popular “Supernova Games” sporting show which features a variety of idols assembled by their provinces of origin.

SNH48 has been a regular participant of the show and sent this year of mix of Honoured Graduates and popular team members including: Zhang YuGe, Dai Meng, Mo Han, Shen MengYao, Xu YangYuZhuo, Yuan YiQi, Sun Rui, and Fei QinYuan.

Pandemic oblige

A key difference this year is that the show is not recorded over a one or two week period in in previous years. It is spread over a number of weekends and filmed in various locations with new sports including several winter events (since China is hosting the Winter Olympics in 2022).

Good results

Overall, the SNH48 Family members are doing well in multiple events even going as far as ranking 5 different members in women’s shooting preliminaries as well as in wall climbing, track, and fencing.

Watch Sun Rui compete in fencing at the top of the page, Zhang YuGe compete against teammate Xu YangYuZhuo to the right, and a sample of other videos below.

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