GNZ48 shocks fans!

GNZ48 was presenting a special joint stage of all members to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day (on the same day) this October 1st, 2020. Management had indicated a “major announcement” would be made during the show.

As indicated during the SNH48 and BEJ48 reorganization in September, GNZ48 was also going to go through its own shuffle and it seems the time had come.

Competition to decide new teams

The news that everyone anticipated and dreaded at the same time (disbandment of Team Z) did not come to pass… it was even more shocking.

The GNZ48 announcer showed up at the end of the show (see video at top of page) and said something no one saw coming: starting today, a new variety show competition will be taking place over the next two months with fans voting on everything from who the team captains should be to what members will belong to each team.

In effect, none of the teams are disbanded but all the members might change!

The actual promo video shown is available at the end of this page.

Why now?

This is apparently, in part, a consequence of the recent disbandment of BEJ48 teams. Why?

Those teams got disbanded despite the fact that, overall, BEJ48 was making more money than GNZ48. This prompted GNZ48 management to come up with new ideas to show people at STAR48 headquarters that the group could still find original ways to generate profits and, thus, avoid the same fate as BEJ48.

Remember that these are businesses first and profits drive every decision. Fans might be satisfied with the group cruzing along but not the upper management that controls the money… and the money determines everything from support to new stages.

How will it work?

No details on the competition have been officially released but the members themselves have been letting things slip after the show with some support associations taking stands against management due to some of said rules.

Here are a few things we know from those hints:

No more than 5 members of Top 16 per team

This one is obviously creating unhappiness for fans of Team G, but it seems to be an effort to balance out the teams and give them all a fair chance to attract fans (Team Z has been struggling for a long time in that regards). This is already causing issue with fan clubs of Team G because it means one of their idols would need to transfer out to another team.

Captains to be voted in. Members will draw

Fans will vote for who should become team captains from nominated members (they can self-nominate). Members will then draw lots to pick which team they want to belong to (maximum 16-18 per team). The lower in the draw you are, the less likely a member will be to get their first choice.

Four weeks of performances

Each of the “new” teams will present various performances over a period of one month with fans voting to “protect” members, having extra spots opened in a team, and so on.

Ultimately, what remains at the end of the process will be the new teams going forward.

Stay tuned for regular updates and full rules when available!


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