GNZ48 members win solo PVs

GNZ48 conducted a theater “summer competition” in June and July where members faced off against one another and fans voted online to determine a set of winners.

Each winner, in turn, would receive a solo PV ahead of the 7th General Elections to help promote them. The PVs use well known SNH48 Group songs as background tracks.

You can see the PVs for each of the winners below and at top of page.

Tang LiJia

This GNZ48 member from the 6th generation of SNH48 presents her PV on the Team NII fan favourite “光之轨迹” (top of page). Below is the official MV of that song.

Liu QianQian

The Co-Captain of Team NIII offers us her PV of “叹云兮” from the OST of the Studio48 drama “Legend of Yun Xi”.

Huang ChuYin

The Co-Captain of Team G takes us back to the SNH48 Team SII “District 48” stage with “无尽的世界”.

Luo KeJia

This member of Team G gives us the theater experience with her take on the SNH48 Team NII song “剧场女神”.

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