GNZ48 announces new Team Captains

GNZ48 presented their annual “CALL爆你3003” competition during their November 7th evening show and, as had been hinted previously, there were some announcements (you can see the full announcements in the video at top of the page).

Cheng HongYu promoted

Cheng HongYu, a trainee of the 10th generation, was officially promoted as a full member of Team G. Congratulations!

New Team Captains

It was also announced that Luo HanYue (SNH48 6th generation) had stepped down from her role as Captain of Team G for personal reasons. She had been promoted to Captain following the GNZ48 reorganization (shuffle) that took place several months ago. All the teams had been operating without official co-captains since that time.

Team G received a new Captain and Co-Captain while Teams NIII and Z got new Co-Captains. They are:

GHuang ChuYinLuo KeJia
NIIIWu YuFeiLiu LiFei
ZLong YiRuiMa XinYue
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