SNH48 has opened the official site for the 6th General Elections.

The site provides information on the election process, the participating members (not yet released at time of publication), the rewards to be earned by the winners, and of course the actual voting page for those lucky enough to get tickets.

Here are some of the important informations that were released.

From 66 to 48 spots

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As we had indicated on our Twitter feed earlier this month, the demise of SHY48 and CKG48 means that only 10 teams remain to compete for the top honours. As a result, the number of seats in the pyramid has been reduced from 66 to 48 (the same number as in 2017).

The fact that there are almost exactly 100 girls less in competition compared to last year is going to be less significant to the final results than this change since the missing 100 were not really competitive.

This translates, for the most part, as 18 still active members not making it to the list this year.

“IDOLS Ft” to compete

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One piece of good news for fans who were dissapointed to see their favourites being demoted to the new online only “IDOLS Ft” (with the exception of those performing with CKG48 Reborn) is that those members who meet their contractual requirements will be eligible to compete in the election!

Should an “IDOLS Ft” member manage to rank in the Top 48 either during the 2nd preliminary results or in the final, they will be promoted back to full member status with a group.

Voting season

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The General Elections season will officially kickoff with a ceremony at the SNH48 Xingmeng Theater on May 25th with the actual voting going online at 10am on June 6th. The voting will conclude at noon on July 27th.

As usual, SNH48 will present two preliminary updates on the votes prior to the final results being announced on July 27th. This year we will have a 1st preliminary set of results on June 23rd with the 2nd preliminary results to be released on July 7th.

SNH48 has increased the number of votes each ticket gives fans which has prompted many to wonder if votes could break the million mark this year.

The rewards

No suprises this year in regards to the rewards that are to be won during the election. This is believed to be a result of fans complaining that, in past years, STAR48 would often mention “possible” rewards that never materialized.

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Each of the three groups selected will get an original song and MV with the Top 16 filming overseas (did not specify a location this time) and the other two in Asia Pacific. The overall winner will get a solo EP and MV as per past years.

One interesting piece of information is that this confirms a rule that anyone winning the election two years in a row will become part of the SNH48 Hall of Fame and get a solo studio (as happened with Ju JingYi). This is clearly a nod to Li YiTong of Team HII who is in the race for her second title.

Stay tuned for regular updates!

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