June 20th was the official presentation of the first preliminary voting results for the SNH48 Group 8th General Elections which will take place on August 7th, 2021.

The results were presented at the end of the special Team HII MVP evening stage for Xu YangYuZhuo. These do not include any actual number of votes. You can see a video of that presentation in the tweet to the right.

As is usual for SNH48 elections, the first few preliminary votes are seldom representative of the final results as the bigger fan clubs don’t cast ballots early and are prone to a variety of strategic voting patterns. It does, however, give a chance to shine to members who are likely to fall off the chart soon or rank very low.

Ranking is particularly important even if you do not make the Top48 because anyone who does not rank within the top 148 will be demoted to “IDOLS Ft” status. This means up to 27 members are at risk this year.

Onwards to the results!


Your Top16 members after one week of voting are:

01. Song XinRan
02. Huang XuanQi
03. Wang Yi
04. Xu YangYuZhuo
05. Qi Jing
06. Sun Rui
07. Yuan YiQi
08. Jiang ShuTing
09. Hu XiaoHui
10. Wang RuiQi
11. Zhou Xiang
12. Zhang Xin
13. Zhou ShiYu
14. Wang XiaoJia
15. Sun XiaoYan
16. Fei QinYuan

The big surprise of the week is Huang XuanQi of BEJ48 who ranks 2nd here after getting multiple large votes from a single fan.

Top 32

The ranking here this year is anyone’s game with no 1st gen and very few 2nd gen in competition. Based on the last two years, expect several GNZ48 members to make this list in the end.

Your Top32 after one week of voting are:

17. Chen ZhenZhen
18. Shao XueCong
19. Han JiaLe
20. Chen Ke
21. Shen MengYao
22. Ren ManLin
23. Yang KeLu
24. Fang Qi
25. Shen XiaoAi
26. Yan MingJun
27. Tang LiJia
28. Zheng DanNi
29. You Miao
30. Su ShanShan
31. Lin Zhi
32. Liang WanLin


This is a list that is always almost impossible to call as low-ranked members make pushes to enter the list in final weeks.

Here are your Top48 after one week of voting:

33. Liu ZengYan
34. Hong JingWen
35. Lin ShuQing
36. Qu MeiLin
37. Yang YuanYuan
38. Yang RuoXi
39. Guo Shuang
40. Wang DanNi
41. Wang FeiYan
42. Gao XueYi
43. Wang ZiXin
44. Bai XinYu
45. Chen Lin
46. Ning Ke
47. Yan Qin
48. Huang ChuYin

The last names on the list are those who made it within shooting distance of the list. These names are sorted in alphabetical order instead of by total votes.

They are: Duan YiXuan, Fan LuYuan, Hao JingYi, Huang YanFei, Luo KeJia, Nong YanPing, Peng JiaMin, Pan YingQi, Ye ShuQi, and Zhu YiXin.

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