Final B50 preliminary results

All eyes were on the GNZ48 Team Z stage November 25th as the 2nd preliminary results for the 5th SNH48 Group Best50 Request Time Concert were to be revealed (watch at top of page).

With voting due to end on December 10th, these are the last results that will be announced prior to the event itself on January 19th, 2019. The vote for the new 7-member subunit will continue until midnight on January 18th, 2019.

The Results

This year, songs are divided into groups with each group allowed to have a set number of unit or team songs. The higher in the number of votes, the better group a song lands into which translates into increasing levels of stage features.

For the sake of clarity, we rank the songs from 50 to 1.

Star Group

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This group is composed of 25 Songs (2 Team Songs and 23 Unit Songs). Winners receive basic stage setup and props.

50"期待之翼" ("Wings")BEJ48 Team J (J2)Lin ShuQing (Team K) - CENTER
Chen YaYu (Team J)
Wang LuJiao (Team K)
Li YuXuan (Team K)
Xie TianYi (Team X)
Deng Qian (Team K)
49"一天天一点点"BEJ48 Team B (B3)Xie Ni (Team NII) - CENTER
Yang KeLu (Team Z)
Jiang ZhenYi (Team NII)
Xian ShenNan (Team NIII)
Zhang JiaYu (Team X)
48"I'm Not Your Girl"GNZ48 Team G (G3)Xu YangYuZhuo (Team HII) - CENTER
Yang HuiTing (Team HII)
Xu Han (Team HII)
Li XingYu (Team FT)
Lin ShuQing (Team K)
47"灵魂使者" ("Soul Messenger")SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Yang YuanYuan (Team Z) - CENTER
Ran Wei (Team C)
Chen NanXi (Team NIII)
Zhu XiaoDan (Team FT)
46"Don't Touch"SNH48 Team NII (NII5)Xu JiaQi (Team SII)
45"给你" ("To You")SNH48Yi JiaAi (Team NII)
44"自以为" ("Self-righteous")SNH48 Team XII (XII2)Lin JiaPei (Team G) - CENTER
Zuo JiaXin (Team NIII)
Wang XinYanTianTian (Team FT)
Xu JiaYin (Team G)
Xiong QinXian (Team HII)
Ma Fan (Team FT)
43"青涩的香蕉" ("Tonari no Banana")SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Duan YiXuan (Team B)
Hu XiaoHui (Team B)
42"Fire Touch"SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Song YuShan (Team HII) - CENTER
Hao JingYi (Team K)
Chen XinYu (Team NIII)
Xu ChuWen (Team C)
41"Tennis"BEJ48 Team J (J2)Wu YuFei (Team NIII)
Mao QiYu (Team B)
Chen JiaYing (Team G)
Han LinQin (Team K)
Huang WanYing (Team K)
Tian ZhenZhen (Team K)
40"Good Time"SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Liu ShengNan (Team E) - CENTER
Lu TianHui (Team SIII)
Chen JunHong (Team G)
Yu ZhiYuan (Team Z)
39"最后的曙光" ("Final Dawn")SNH48 Team X (X4)Xie LeiLei (Team G) - CENTER
Han JiaLe (Team SIII)
Bai XinYu (Team C)
Feng SiJia (Team E)
38"巧克力之吻" ("Choco no Yukue")SNH48 Team HII (HII2)Qian BeiTing (Team SII) - CENTER
Yuan YuZhen (Team SII)
Zhang HuaiJin (Team J)
37"不秀钢"GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Sun XinWen (Team X)
Chen YunLing (Team X)
Zhang YuHan (Team HIII)
Zang Cong (Team SIII)
36"Mad World"SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Huang EnRu (Team J)
Chen MeiJun (Team B)
35"天使的圈套" ("Angel Trap")SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Chen QianNan (Team E)
Huang EnRu (Team J)
34"夜行的黑猫" ("Black Cat")SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Tang LiJia (Team NIII) - CENTER
Yang Ye (Team J)
Li JiaEn (Team HII)
33"化学超女子" ("Chemical Super-Woman")SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Ren XinYi (Team J) - CENTER
Zeng Jia (Team C)
Liu Xian (Team J)
Hong JingWen (Team NIII)
32"玛利亚" ("Maria")BEJ48 Team E ("Universe")Kong XiaoYin (Team SII)
Sun Rui (Team SII)
31"暗夜脚步声" ("Footsteps in the Dark")BEJ48 Team E (E2)Chen GuiJun (Team Z)
Bi RuiShan (Team Z)
Wu JingJing (Team K)
Luo HanYue (Team G)
30"One Life"GNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Yan MingJun (Team B) - CENTER
Zhang Xi (Team FT)
Yang Xin (Team B)
Tian QianLan (Team C)
29"新世界" ("New World")SNH48 Team SII (SII6)Tao BoEr (Team NII) - CENTER
Pan YingQi (Team X)
Yuan DanNi (Team SII)
Yang LingYi (Team FT)
28"Super Logic"SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Li Zhao (Team X) - CENTER
Nong YanPing (Team Z)
Wang SiYue (Team Z)
He MengYao (Team Z)
27"夜之终焉" ("Night's End")SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Team HII
26"新航路" ("New Direction")SNH48 Team X (X4)Team X

Moon Group

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This group is composed of 16 Songs (1 Team Song, 2 Solos, 6 Duos, and 7 Unit Songs). Winners receive basic stage setup, props, costumes, and special effects.

25"缘尽世间" ("Our Destiny in this World")SNH48Gao YuanJing (Team G)
24"黑夜女神" ("Night Goddess")SNH48 Team HII (HII4)Feng XiaoFei (Team X)
23"梦中的婚礼" ("Dream Wedding")SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Chen GuanHui (Team SII)
Chen Si (Team SII)
22"未接来电" ("Missed Call")SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Jiang Shan (Team HII)
Sun ZhenNi (Team HII)
21"灰姑娘的玻璃手机" ("A Cinderella Story")BEJ48 Team E (E2)Fei QinYuan (Team HII)
Zheng DanNi (Team NIII)
20"My Boy"BEJ48 Team J (J2)Qian BeiTing (Team SII)
Kong XiaoYin (Team SII)
19"黑天鹅" ("Black Swan")SNH48 Team NII (NII5)Xu SiYang (Team E)
Zhu XiYin (Team G)
Li ShanShan (Team C)
Wu YuFei (Team NIII)
18"浮光" ("Floating Light")SHY48 Team SIII (SIII2)Tang LiJia (Team NIII)
Zuo JingYuan (Team NIII)
17"雨中动物园" ("Ame no Doubutsuen")SNH48 Team HII (HII1)Wu YuFei (Team NIII) - CENTER
Sun XiaoYan (Team B)
HeYang QingQing (Team J)
Lei YuXiao (Team C)
Huang ChuYin (Team G)
Sun Xin (Team NIII)
Luo KeJia (Team G)
Tao WanRui (Team C)
16"结伴" ("Together")GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Zuo JingYuan (Team NIII) - CENTER
Xiong XinYao (Team NIII)
Feng JiaXi (Team NIII)
15"无声的探戈" ("Silent Tango")SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Zheng DanNi (Team NIII)
Chen Ke (Team G)
14"春夏秋冬" ("Seasons")SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Wang XiaoJia (Team X) - CENTER
Xie AiLin (Team NIII)
Zhou ShiYu (Team FT)
Shen XiaoAi (Team B)
13"Blue Rose"SNH48 Team HII (HII1)Wang JiaLing (Team X) - CENTER
Chen Lin (Team X)
Li Hui (Team SIII)
Huang ChuYin (Team G)
12"如果你拥抱我" ("Dakishimeraretara")SNH48 Team NII (NII2)Xiao WenLing (Team NIII) - CENTER
Li ShanShan (Team C)
Long YiRui (Team Z)
11"Battle Cry"SNH48 Team X (X4)Liu ShuXian (Team B) - CENTER
Shen MengYao (Team HII)
Tian ShuLi (Team B)
10"Zen"GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Team Z

Sun Group

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This group is composed of 7 Songs (1 Team Song, 1 Solo, 2 Duos, and 3 Unit Songs). Winners receive basic stage setup, props, costumes, special effects, song intro PVs, special camera work, and backup dancers.

09"紫荆" ("Bauhinia")GNZ48Xu ChenChen (Team SII)
08"NaCl"GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Xie LeiLei (Team G) - CENTER
Liu QianQian (Team NIII)
Zhang QiongYu (Team G)
Yang YuanYuan (Team Z)
07"不放手" ("Do not let go")GNZ48 Team NIII (NIII3)Team NIII
06"人间规则" ("Room Rules")SNH48 Team XII (XII2.5)Liu YiFei (Team J) - CENTER
Sun YuShan (Team J)
Bai XinYu (Team C)
05"Deal"BEJ48 Team J (J2)Yang QingYing (Team G) - CENTER
Jin LuoSai (Team J)
Huang LiRong (Team G)
Li Na (Team E)
Xu WanYu (Team J)
Chen HuiJing (Team NIII) - Graduated
Liu YiFei (Team J)
Ye MiaoMiao (Team J)
04"9 to 9"GNZ48 Team G (G3)Zhang YuGe (Team SII)
Kong XiaoYin (Team SII)
03"SPY"BEJ48 Team B (B3)Wu ZheHan (Team SII)
Xu JiaQi (Team SII)

Golden Group

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Once again, two songs will emerge the grand winners of this vote: one unit song and one team song. Winners in this final group receive basic stage setup, props, costumes, special effects, song intro PVs, special camera work, backup dancers, and special stage designs.

Top Unit Song"就差一点点" ("Just a Little Bit")GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Mo Han (Team SII)
Dai Meng (Team SII)
Top Team Song"笨" ("Stupid")BEJ48 Team B (B3)Team B

New subunit

The competition for who will become members of the first subunit to allow members from all sister groups is strong! 10 candidates remain for 7 open spots!

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Wu ZheHan (Team SII)
Zhang QiongYu (Team G)
Zhang Xin (Team HII)
Yuan YiQi (Team HII)
Shen MengYao (Team HII)
Zhang Yi (Team NII)
Zhang DanSan (Team X)
Yang BingYi (Team X)
Xu ZiXuan (Team SII)
Jiang ZhenYi (Team NII)


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