Feng JiaBo returns with CKG48

CKG48 welcomed a new member on July 18th, 2021 in the form of Feng JiaBo (right). You can watch her introduction in the video at top of the page.

Feng JiaBo is not new to the SNH48 Group world. She was a 4th generation recruit for the now disbanded sister group SHY48 in Shenyang. You can watch her original introduction from 2018 below.

Sadly, she joined just two months before that group was finally disbanded when the real estate company that was backing it pulled out of the project. This was just at the time when the “idol bubble” suddenly went bust throughout China which led to the demise of dozens of groups.

Feng JiaBo ended up being transferred to “IDOLS Ft” and remained essentially inactive since then. Its assumed she concentrated on her studies before deciding (like many other former SHY48 members) to take the plunge and move to Chongqing.

Welcome back!

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