Ending the holiday season

GNZ48 and CKG48 held the previlege of ending the Chinese New Year holiday season with special stages during the weekend of February 27th and 28th.


GNZ48 two performances of a special joint stage titled “闹闹闹闹元宵之广州丝芭能力有限公司” on February 27th and 28th (one per day).

The shows were their celebration of the Lantern Festival and included a mix of holiday songs, fan favourites, and skits.

You can watch the February 28th show at top of the page.


For its part, idols in Chongqing welcomed fans on February 27th to celebrate the Lantern Festival with a special “hanfu version” of their current stage.

You can watch that performance in the video below and some of the hanfus worn by the members in the Twitter post to the right.

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