SNH48 officially announced on August 2nd, 2021 that the 8th edition of the General Elections is being forced online only by health authorities as a result of the sudden surge of Covid-19 Delta variant cases in many provinces.

This is a huge dissapointment for both fans and members as everyone was highly anticipating the return of the audience at the elections and the expected crowning of Sun Rui from SNH48 Team SII for a second time which will lead to her graduation to the Hall of Fame and the creation of her own personal studio as a solo artist under STAR48.

The show will still be broadcast Live on Migu Music, Tencent VIP, and Youtube as previously announced. Full refunds will be issued to fans who had already purchased offline tickets.

Handshake event delayed

As a result of this announcement, the August 8th and 9th handshake event is being reported to August 11th and 12th with the exception of the Top16 who will meet a limited number of fans. All other members will meet fans online in the “Pocket48” APP.

Small events to take place in theaters

Between the election and the new handshake event, all groups will schedule events to thank fans at their respective theaters.

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