“Crazy For You” is the comeback fans of the subunit SEN7ES had been waiting a long time for. This wait finally ended on January 9th, 2022 in Shanghai.

Delivered online only (Covid-19 oblige) on the Kuaishou APP, this concert was the biggest comeback event put together by STAR48 for a subunit by taking advantage of the same set that had been put together for the 8th Best50 Request Time concert which was held the day prior.

The members, accompanied by several backup dancers, presented a mix of previous songs, solos, dance covers of popular Kpop songs, and concluded with the two new songs from the “Crazy For You” EP.

Watch the full concert in the video above.

Kiki returns

SEN7ES had been operating with only 4 members since the resignation of Kong XiaoYin (Bee) in early 2021 due to a dating scandal but, with the end of her IQIYI “THE9” contract, Xu JiaQi (Kiki) brings that number back to 5.

First performance of “Crazy For You”

SEN7ES ended their comeback concert with the first performances of the two new songs in their upcoming EP: “Crazy For You” and “After Party”. Watch the title track of the concert in the video below.

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