Collabs with pro sports continue

SNH48 Group is no stranger to working with pro sports organizations at different levels.

First, you had GNZ48 with Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), CKG48 with the Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE), and SHY48 with the Chinese Football Federation in 2017.

Below are posters for just a few of the many events groups took part in (click to enlarge).

That was followed by several others in the coming years but the most important being partnerships with the Chinese promo teams of American sports leagues like the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB).

Here are a few notable events.

Chauncey Billups visits Xingmeng Theater

In 2016, retired National Basketball Association (NBA) Detroit Piston star Chauncey Billups was taken on a tour of the SNH48 Xingmeng Theater in Shanghai by Dai Meng and Wu ZheHan of Team SII before watching part of a stage performance.

Duan YiXuan gets an hello from the Warriors

Duan YiXuan (then a member of BEJ48) posts on her weibo that she is a fan of the Golden State Warriors from the National Basketball Association (NBA). They sent back a reply on their weibo with one of their stars.

Duan YiXuan and Su ShanShan (also then of BEJ48) later attended an exhibition game from the team in Beijing.

Klay Thompson learns a dance routine

Zheng DanNi and Gao YanJing of GNZ48 took part in an NBA promo event with Klay Thompson also of the Warriors. The members took a moment to teach him a few dance moves.

Team X alongside NBA cheerleaders

We also have SNH48 Team X performing at an NBA 5X5 Chinese event which was attended by some cheerleaders and Khris Middleton of the Milwaukee Bucks team.

They then performed at the national final.

“Say No” used as background music in Yao Ming video

Fans know that the GNZ48 song/MV “Say No” has a basketball theme, but did you know the song was used as the background for a video featuring the career of famous Chinese retired NBA player Yao Ming?

There were other NBA related events but, more recently, Sun Rui and Fei QinYuan of SNH48 became regulars on the “NBA Style” web show that features official clothing from various teams being sold in China.

Sun Rui celebrated her birthday during the first show and was given a signed basketball by Ja Morant of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies.

It’s not all basketball!

The NBA has worked often with SNH48 Group but they are hardly the only ones.

SNH48 Group has taken part in many football (soccer) events throughout china including many linked the the World Cup of soccer.

There was even a brief partnership with the Oriental Wresting Entertainment group that involved CKG48 in Chongqing.

Let’s not forget Major League Baseball (MLB) who had their clothing featured in the photoshoot for the cover of the SNH48 Group “Beautiful Day” EP earlier this year and now have a new promo featuring Ju JingYi (SNH48 Hall of Famer and STAR48 solo artist) which you can watch at top of page.

We can look forward to more interesting collaboration events between SNH48 Group and the various major sports leagues!

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