“Class 4” and “Class 8” created in Guangzhou

GNZ48 surprised fans on June 13th with the announcement that they would be creating two new special teams! (see announcement at top of page)

Contrary to the existing teams (G, NIII, and Z), these are not going to receive brand new members. They are “performance teams” or, if you prefer, teams put together with a mix of members from all existing teams for the purpose of performing at the theater.

This is an expansion on the system that all SNH48 sister groups have used for online shows during the Covid-19 pandemic and matches some fan speculation about the possible structure of the groups going forward.

How it will work

GNZ48 is not eliminating the existing teams. Depending on the weeks, you might see stages by teams or stages by classes.

The reason given is that they want to give more chances for members from various teams to cooperate and offer better shows, but fans realize that is mostly to deal with the facts that every team is severaly understaffed and that, if too many members (or top members) are away doing other things, they can’t sustain a regular schedule of team stages.

This is the main reason that is pushing fans to believe this might be a structure that would eventually replace the current teams throughout SNH48 Group (speculation).

The classes

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Members are (here in alphabetical order): Chen GuiJun (Team Z), Chen JiaYing (Team G), Chen NanXi (Team NIII), Deng HuiEn (Team Z), Fang Qi (Team Z), Gao XueYi (IDOLS Ft), Huang ChuYin (Team G), Liu Guo (Trainee), Luo HanYue (Team G), Lu Jing (Team NIII), Liang Jiao (Team G), Liang Qiao (Team Z), Lin JiaPei (Team G), Liu LiFei (Team NIII), Liu QianQian (Team NIII), Luo KeJia (Team G), Tang LiJia (Trainee), Wang CuiFei (Team Z), Wang Zi (IDOLS Ft), Wu YuFei (Team NIII), Wu SiQi (Trainee), Xie AiLin (Team NIII), Xu HuiLing (Team G), and Xie LeiLei (Team G).

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Members are (here in alphabetical order): Chen Ke (Team G), Fu BingBing (Team G), Hong JingWen (Team NIII), Li ShanShan (Team G), Lin Zhi (Team G), Long YiRui (Team Z), Ma XinYue (Trainee), Mo Xin (Trainee), Nong YanPing (Team Z), Wang JiongYi (Team Z), Wang ZiXin (Team Z), Xian ShenNan (Team NIII), Xie FeiFei (Team Z), Xu ChuWen (Team G), Xu JiaYin (Team NIII), Yang KeLu (Team Z), Yang YuanYuan (Team Z), Ye ShuQi (Team G), Zeng AiJia (Team G), Zhang QiongYu (Team G/X), Zhang Xin (Team HII/NIII), Zheng DanNi (Team NIII), Zhu YiXin (Team G), and Zuo JingYuan (Trainee).

The stages

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The new classes will come into effect on June 25th, 2020. On the 25th and the 26th, each class will premiere their new stage.

“Class 4” will begin with a waiting stage titled “Waiting 4” while “Class 8” debuts a stage titled “Infinite 8”.

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