CKG48 roadshow

Following their return to Chongqing to perform as CKG48, members of SNH48 “IDOLS Ft” have been very active trying to generate support and attract new fans.

This involves things like offering very adhoc performances outside the Longfor Paradise Walk (where their current theater is located) or more structure events.

You can see that adhoc performance from March 29th at top of page.

Chongqing FM103.5

For the second time in as many weeks, two members of CKG48 were guests Chongqing FM103.5 radio. It is uncertain if this will be a weekly participation in that show or just part of the current promo.

Members Huang WanYing and Wang MengZhu were guests on March 24th while Zeng Jia and Lei YuXiao participated on March 31st.

Huang WanYing and Wang MengZhu (Click to enlarge)
Zeng Jia and Lei YuXiao (Click to enlarge)


Another new project is a roadshow that is taking the group throughout Chongqing at various events to offer performances. The idea is once again to help create interest and attract fans.

The first event (below) took place on March 31st.

Many fans have compared what CKG48 is doing now to the early days of SNH48 or a period when Team NII also had to basically go in the streets to drum up support back in 2013-2014.

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