CKG48 continues to grow

As previously announced, CKG48 introduced three new members to its roster during their weekly stage show on May 22nd, 2021.

One was a former 1st generation member of the group making a return while the other two originated with the now disbanded SHY48 sister group.

You can watch their introductions in the video at top of the page.

These returns to the stage are likely linked to the recent info from members that management had indicated to all “IDOLS Ft” members who wanted to remain with the group they had to participate in the next election as part of CKG48.

CKG48 1st gen

Wu JingJing

An original member of CKG48 Team K, Wu JingJing was demoted to “IDOLS Ft” during the 2019 SNH48 Group Shuffle and remained inactive until now.

SHY48 4th gen

Shang Guan

A 4th generation traineed of the group that just debuted before it was disbanded in 2019. Spent the last 2.5 years with “IDOLS Ft”.

SHY48 1st gen

Zhang AiJing

Former member of SHY48 Team HIII who was moved to BEJ48 Team E in 2019 before resigning and then making a return to “IDOLS Ft” in 2021.

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