The SNH48 Group Best50 Request Time Concert took place in Shanghai as the first major event of 2021 It also marked the return of an audience to an SNH48 concert since Covid-19 struck in early 2020. Overall, fans agree the show was an improvement on the 6th edition with more inspired perfformances. This is a show to watch. You can find it all in the video above.

Here are some of the highlights of the day.

Enthusiastic crowd

SNH48 Group was using a new venue this year for this concert (the Shanghai Jing’an Sports Center) that could accommodate several thousand fans, but not all seats were filled despite the enthusiasm of the crowd.

This is yet another example of the destructive impact of Covid-19 on the entertainment industry where shows in China that usually draw thousands are outright cancelled, done online only, or deliver great performances to diminished crowds.

JNR48 sings “Princess’ Cloak”

JNR48, the kids talent agency operating under license from STAR48 (but not part of SNH48 Group), once again made an appearance after the 7th General Elections with their own rendition of the SNH48 classic song “公主披風” (“Princess’ Cloak”) from the 13th EP.

The “kid sisters” as the fans have come to know them had a very solid show considering their last performance at the 7th General Elections.

Expect to see them as regular fixtures of major concerts.

Mo Han hosts

Momo was in competition for the Best50 this year (like most other Honoured Graduates still signed under STAR48), but her song did not make it to the final list.

Her fans were still happy to see her on stage as she assumed the duties of host for the show. Her smile and connections with the members on stage made the presentations and interviews all the more memorable.

Next original stage to HII

Part of the competition this year was to determine which of the 9 existing teams would be the first to get a new original stage.

SNH48 teams SII and HII were the finalists with fans voting for the starting lineups in each teams (including the center position). Team SII competed with “Plan Salvation” and Team HII with “Honor”.

Although the Team SII song ranked higher than HII, the overall voting of fans gave the latter the edge it needed to win the day!


It would not be a SNH48 concert without some sort of announcement taking place.

CKG48’s group name finally appears on the marquee since it was reborn in March 2019. This was both the results of the group’s performance during the 7th General Elections and the “downsizing” in September 2020 of BEJ48 due to Covid-19. It would have been difficult for STAR48 to justify keeping CKG48 off the list when BEJ48 was now essentially operating exactly as they do.

Second, SNH48 Group announced they are opening their next round of auditions for the SNH48 16th generation and the GNZ48/BEJ48 11th generation. Applications, open to girls between the ages of 13 and 22, will run until March 28th, 2021. STAR48 is also recruiting actors for Studio48 (the movie and TV production subsidiary of STAR48).

Next was news that the Top16 of the last elections will be going on a national tour this year. No dates or locations were published, but it is safe to assume it will be all cities with a sister group (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chongqing) plus a few more.

Changes to the format

STAR48 made further refinements to its B50 concert format following feedback from fans last year (the 6th B50 was found to be too confusing) and the ever increasing demands of broadcast partners to stick to agreed upon times.

This was reflected in a few significant ways.
First, the complicated “groupings” of 2019 were abandonned in favour of a return to a mostly sequential listing. It was not entirely sequential due to extra time needed to setup certain performances, some members showing up in more than one song and needing time to prepare in between, and just overall show balancing.

Second, gone were the individual intros for the lower ranked songs. Instead, a group of songs was presented in a single intro and then all the songs performed before moving to the next group. It is also important to note that, again to save time, all performances except for the higher ranked ones were done on shortened versions of the songs.

The show still ended up being almost four hours long despite all these efforts which is over 30 minutes longer than the 6th Best50 concert.

The winners

This year it is the turn of GNZ48 to shine at the Best50 with the duet of Chen Ke (Team G) and Zheng DanNi (Team NIII) winning the grand prize with their performance of the SNH48 Team SII unit song “爱未央”. They had reached the top of the preliminary rankings in December 2020 and their dominance remained unchallenged since then. They win an MV of this song.

The team song category was a dead heat all the way to the finish line with Team SII and Team HII battling it out to see who would win an MV and the highly desired new original stage. In the end, Team HII won the prize with the following members in the starting lineup: Shen MengYao, Yuan YiQi, Xu YangYuZhuo, Li JiaEn, Wang Yi, Zhang Xin, Sun ZhenNi, Fei QinYuan, Jiang ShuTing, Ling ShuQing, Jiang Shan, Hao JingYi, Feng SiJia, Lin Nan, Guo Shuang, and Cheng Ge.

Here are the full results.

1爱未央 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Chen Ke (G)
1爱未央 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Zheng DanNi (NIII)
2就差一点点 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Zhang QiongYu (G)
2就差一点点 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Xie LeiLei (G)
3低烧 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Chen QianNan (NII)
3低烧 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Su ShanShan (NII)
4Hold Me Tight (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Hu XiaoHui (NII)
4Hold Me Tight (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Liu ShuXian (NII)
5MY BOY (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Wang Yi (HII)
5MY BOY (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Zhou ShiYu (NII)
6恋爱告急 (SOLO)恋爱告急 EPKong XiaoYin (SEN7ES)
7Like I Do (SOLO)CoverDai Meng (SEN7ES)
8无声的探戈 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Zhu YiXin (G)
8无声的探戈 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Zeng AiJia (G)
10Feeling You (SOLO)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Li JiaEn (HII)
12Me&U (SOLO)Golden MelodiesSun Rui (SII)
13凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Pan YingQi
13凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Lin Nan (HII)
13凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Qiao YuZhen
13凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Zhang Run (NIII)
13凛 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Chen NanXi (NIII)
14下次旅行 (SOLO)下次旅行 EPYang BingYi (X)
15雨中钢琴师 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII2)Liu ZengYan (SII)
15雨中钢琴师 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII2)Chen Lin (X)
15雨中钢琴师 (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII2)HeYang QingQing (X)
169 to 9 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Yuan YiQi (HII)
169 to 9 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Duan YiXuan (SII)
17SPY (UNIT)BEJ48 Team B (B3)Zhang YuGe (SEN7ES)
17SPY (UNIT)BEJ48 Team B (B3)Lu Ting (NII)
18雨中钢琴师 (SOLO)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Tang LiJia (Z)
19等不到你 (SOLO)等不到你 EPSong XinRan (X)
20春夏秋冬 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhao JiaRui (NII)
20春夏秋冬 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Chen GuiJun (Z)
20春夏秋冬 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Lin ShuQing (HII)
20春夏秋冬 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zhang MengHui
21暴走少女 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team NIII (NIII2)Yang Ye (X)
21暴走少女 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team NIII (NIII2)Jiang Yun (SII)
21暴走少女 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team NIII (NIII2)Qi Jing (X)
21暴走少女 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team NIII (NIII2)Sun XiaoYan
22爱U (UNIT)SHY48 Team SIII (SIII2)Yang BingYi (X)
22爱U (UNIT)SHY48 Team SIII (SIII2)Wan LiNa (HII)
22爱U (UNIT)SHY48 Team SIII (SIII2)Li JiaEn (HII)
23美杜莎的温柔 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Jiang Yun (SII)
23美杜莎的温柔 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Shao XueCong (SII)
23美杜莎的温柔 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G3)Tian ShuLi (SII)
24信念箭羽 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zeng AiJia (G)
24信念箭羽 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Xu ChuWen (G)
24信念箭羽 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Cheng Ge (HII)
25未接来电 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Zheng DanNi (NIII)
25未接来电 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII6)Wang XiaoJia (X)
26青涩的香蕉 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Fei QinYuan (HII)
26青涩的香蕉 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII5)Su ShanShan (NII)
27一体同心 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Zhang Xin (HII)
27一体同心 (UNIT)SNH48 Team NII (NII7)Liu LiFei (NIII)
28Super Logic (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Wang RuiQi (X)
28Super Logic (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Zhang Yi (NII)
28Super Logic (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Zhang Xi (NII)
28Super Logic (UNIT)SNH48 Team HII (HII5)Jin LuoSai
29樱花草 (SOLO)Golden MelodiesWan LiNa (HII)
30Colorful DayColor GirlsYan Qin (NII)
30Colorful DayColor GirlsWang Zi
30Colorful DayColor GirlsLuo KeJia (G)
30Colorful DayColor GirlsXie AiLin (NIII)
30Colorful DayColor GirlsZhang ZhiJie
31NaCl (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Luo HanYue (G)
31NaCl (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Zhang ShuYu (Z)
31NaCl (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Lei YuXiao
31NaCl (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Yang YunHan
32双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Liu Xian (NII)
32双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang JiongYi (Z)
32双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang FeiYan (X)
32双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang SiYue (Z)
32双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Ning Ke (SII)
32双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Qu MeiLin
32双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Mao YiHan
32双行道 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Wang MengZhu
33塞壬 (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Zhu YiXin (G)
33塞壬 (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Yang YuXin (NII)
33塞壬 (UNIT)BEJ48 Team J (J2)Lu TianHui (NII)
34花园舞曲 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X5)Zhang YuGe (SEN7ES)
34花园舞曲 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X5)Ran Wei (X)
34花园舞曲 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X5)Li ShanShan (G)
34花园舞曲 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X5)Long YiRui (Z)
35夜蝶 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII1)Shen MengYao (HII)
35夜蝶 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII1)Zhang QiongYu (G)
36天鹅 (SWAN)SEN7ESWen JingJie (SII)
36天鹅 (SWAN)SEN7ESShen XiaoAi (SII)
36天鹅 (SWAN)SEN7ESWang QiuRu (SII)
36天鹅 (SWAN)SEN7ESJin YingYue (NII)
36天鹅 (SWAN)SEN7ESYe ShuQi (G)
36天鹅 (SWAN)SEN7ESLiu ZengYan (SII)
36天鹅 (SWAN)SEN7ESBian ChuXian (SII)
37触电DeMOONFeng YuTing (SII)
37触电DeMOONLu YeHui (SII)
37触电DeMOONPan LuYao (X)
37触电DeMOONChen YuZi (SII)
37触电DeMOONChen NiYa
37触电DeMOONChen JiaYing (G)
37触电DeMOONLin JiaPei (G)
38触电 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Sun ZhenNi (HII)
38触电 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Chen QianNan (NII)
39狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONRen ManLin
39狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONHuang ChuYin (G)
39狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONNong YanPing (Z)
39狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONTang Lin
39狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONXie FeiFei (Z)
39狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONLin Zhi (G)
39狐狸 (FOX)DeMOONZhang XiaoYing (NII)
40给注定不能在一起的我们HO2Xu YangYuZhuo (HII)
40给注定不能在一起的我们HO2Chen Ke (G)
41灵魂使者 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Yuan YuZhen (SII)
41灵魂使者 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Huang EnRu (SII)
41灵魂使者 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Liu Jie (NII)
41灵魂使者 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII7)Peng JiaMin (SII)
42人鱼 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X3)Song XinRan (X)
42人鱼 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X3)Feng SiJia (HII)
43Black Baccara (SOLO)SNH48 Team X (X5)Zhang QiongYu (G)
44MY KEYBLUEVZhao TianYang (SII)
45占据 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Xie LeiLei (G)
45占据 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Su ShanShan (NII)
45占据 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team G (G4)Liu LiFei (NIII)
46SHOW (UNIT)BEJ48 Team B (B3)Hong JingWen (NIII)
46SHOW (UNIT)BEJ48 Team B (B3)Li Hui (SII)
46SHOW (UNIT)BEJ48 Team B (B3)Xie TianYi (X)
47最终回合 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Zhang HuaiJin (NII)
47最终回合 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Zhang YuXin (NII)
47最终回合 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Yang KeLu (Z)
47最终回合 (UNIT)SNH48 Team SII (SII8)Tian QianLan
48MAMIBLUEVYang YuanYuan (Z)
49专属位置 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Fang Qi (Z)
49专属位置 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Bai XinYu (NII)
49专属位置 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Wu YuFei (NIII)
49专属位置 (UNIT)GNZ48 Team Z (Z3)Zhou Xiang
50最后的曙光 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X4)Liu ShengNan (X)
50最后的曙光 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X4)Wang ZiXin (Z)
50最后的曙光 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X4)Liang WanLin (Z)
50最后的曙光 (UNIT)SNH48 Team X (X4)Zhou QianYu

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