Qingyang District in Chengdu (click to enlarge)

Ever since STAR48 was reported in the news as having signed an agreement to create a new sister group in the city of Chengdu (as we reported here), fans have been eagerly waiting for the big announcement.

The Chairman of STAR48 told reporters at the time they were planning to start construction of a theater in the Qingyang District in 2018 with an initial investment of 500 million yuan.

It was supposed to be the same for CKG48 in 2017 but they had to announce it early due to some fans noticing signs with the CKG48 logo at a construction site.

Rumours on announcement dates and launch dates have surfaced throughout the year but most fans agree that the 5th General Elections will be the venue where this group will be officially announced. The same was done for SHY48 in 2016.

The question now for most is no longer “will CGT48 be announced?” but “when” and “will there be more announced at the same time?”

Special event in Chengdu on the 28th

Instructions to register for the FREE election viewing in Chengdu (Click to enlarge)

CGT48 seems to be one step closer to reality on July 21st as Migu Music made a special announcement on their weibo.

Fans who are unable to go to Shanghai for the 5th General Elections on July 28th can apply for a FREE ticket to go watch the show on the big screen at a cinema in the city! What makes it more interesting is that the location is one of many that was rumoured as a possible site for CGT48 and it was announced that a member of SNH48 (trainee team member assumed) would be in attendance for the event.

Since STAR48 has only ever done broadcasts like this in theaters in the past and is targeting a specific city, speculations are high.

Keep following our reports of the SNH48 Group 5th General Elections for regular updates!

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